The project

Brand strategy and identity for new clean beauty business.

True+Luscious were looking for a brand identity for the launch of their affordable clean beauty cosmetic business. The identity needed to translate well across a range of products and marketing platforms, primarily digital.

In order to stand out in an established marketplace with big players, it was important that the brand carved out a distinctive brand identity.

Starting by establishing the brand strategy, we then created a logo that would work across all brand communications, from tiny cosmetic components to large-scale print and digital communications.

Brand strategy and visual identity, developed with practicality and flexibility at it’s core…

Creating a strong, distinct brand platform with the ability to grow from cosmetic start-up to international beauty business.

We worked with True+Luscious to establish a brand mission, pillars and values. Once the brand foundations were in place, the brand identity was created including visual elements and tone of voice.

This included the re-working of an emblem the client had already used for another venture. The illustration depicting ‘lips with wings’ was incorporated as part of a package of assets, enabling the business to move forward to brand launch.

About True+Luscious

True+Luscious is an ambitious cosmetic brand that launched into the clean beauty arena in 2018. Operating within the USA and selling from their online store, True+Luscious combines cruelty free credentials with the latest in colour cosmetic trends.

Spearheaded by a strong female founder, the brand epitomises glamour and fun, empowering consumers to express their true selves.