The project

New brand identity for bespoke timber business with ambitious growth plans.

Lawson’s Yard required new branding to reflect the fine quality and bespoke nature of their timber products.

Remaining in the ownership of the original founder’s family since 1940, Lawson’s Yard is a business with a high level of personal commitment and emotional investment. Having a growth strategy that included increasing high end residential and commercial projects, a distinctive and refined brand identity was required to help facilitate the updated positioning.

Creating a distinctive new brand identity reflective of the brand’s expertise and heritage…

with flexibility for different applications and a high-end, artisanal aesthetic.

Under the ownership and day-to-day management of the original founder’s family, the Lawson’s Yard team have a very personal approach to their craft.

Committed to the finest possible timber products and sustainability, it was vital that the new brand combined a highly individual aesthetic with premium impact. Portraying the love that the team have with the material characteristics of word was also important.

Capturing the bespoke nature of their offering was essential; the fine quality workmanship and timber-loving spirit that runs deep within the business.

About Lawson’s Yard

Lawson’s Yard is a third generation family business supplying fine bespoke timber.

Having produced timber products since 1940, Lawson’s Yard has been delivering the finest quality wooden flooring, panelling and furniture for over 70 years.

Now with a commercial and limited edition range, the business supplies residential schemes through to retail and restaurant sectors, across the UK.